Wedding Planner Program

Study Plan

Duration: 06 months

Study material included

A concept borrowed from the USA -where the wedding planning industry is in its fullest glory-, it says that wedding planners are the fairy godmothers of the twenty-first century. For this reason, the bride and the groom may choose to leave the coordination of their dream wedding in the hands of these professionals.

This program will provide a high academic quality by means of a truly unique curriculum and will train wedding planners to be capable of assisting the couple in every detail of their wedding (even after organizing thier honeymoon).

Once the training is completed -which offers theoretical and practical lessons intended to encourage students’ creativity- the graduate will be capable of coordinating an endless number of tasks, to organise the wedding successfully from selecting the flowers to decorate the church, to choosing the bridesmaid and best man’s clothing, to teaching the bride and the groom how to dance the waltz, to designing the wedding list, toselect the party’s suppliers, and of course! coordinating when and how to throw rice (a symbol of fertility par excellence).

Our objective is to provide the necessary cognitive tools to train a new generation of wedding planners capable of starting their own wedding planning companies to free clients from the stress involved in planning the most important event of their lives.

  • Historical evolution of the wedding celebration
  • Types of weddings in different cultures
  • The professional profile of a WP: Fees
  • Celebrities’ weddings: tips for a successful organization. Press
  • Invitations: desing.Writing and sending.Wedding list. R.S.V.P
  • The venue of a wedding: Decoration. Furniture. Flowers
  • Services: DJ. Lights. Photographers. Security, etc
  • Banquet: tables map. Design of the wedding catering: appetizers, beverages, wedding cake, etc
  • Bride’s trousseau: dress, shoes, hairdo, make-up, jewellery
  • Groom’s clothing: choosing the suit and shoes. Boutonniere
  • Details: wedding rings. Wedding bouquet. Veil
  • Bridesmaid and best man´s clothing
  • Civil ceremony: requirements. Documents. Premarital blood tests. Witnesses
  • Wedding schedule: detailed step by step of the activities to be done at the wedding
  • Religious ceremony: protocol. Bride and groom entrance. Wedding march
  • Traditions: wedding car. Rice. Wedding coins
  • Planning the party
  • The reception
  • The honeymoon
  • Journalistic material with new trends in weddings

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