Romance Tourism (Travel for Love) by Dagyi Rivera

Study Plan

Duration: 03 months

Study material included

Traveling for love is one of the most popular trends in the last 20 years in the U.S.A, Canada and European markets towards exotic, mystical and little explored destinations. The worldwide wedding & romance tourism market generates an economic benefit of 28 billion dollars a year, of which: 10 billion USD are spent in honeymoons, approximately 10 billion USD are spent in destination weddings and additionally 8 billion USD are linked to all the attendants and to all lodging expenses related to romantic events in different destinations.

Romance tourism -redefined as the trips that people take to celebrate special moments with their families, such as: destination weddings, destination LGBT+ weddings, honeymoons, baby moons, anniversaries, marriage proposals, bachelor and bachelorette parties-, has grown so much in popularity that not only the American public does it, but more and more, the European and Latin American market.

Job skills training

  • Strategic thinking
  • Information management
  • Business plan development
  • Detection of opportunities and improvements.
  • Sustainable practices.
  • Planning and organization.
  • Marketing and Promotion.
  • Focus on the target consumer.
  • Teamwork.
  • Origin of wedding & romance tourism
  • Romantic destinations
  • Features and sustainable practices
  • Market niches in wedding & romance tourism
  • Requirements for a romantic destination
  • Wedding & Romance customer service
  • Experiences in trips and events
  • Wedding Experience Tourism
  • Honeymoon, baby & family moon
  • Romantic getaways and marriage proposals
  • Weddings and LGBT+ wedding & romance tourism
  • Levels of romantic tourism experience
  • Creating the experience and partnerships to achieve it
  • Components of a successful romantic product
  • Marketing strategies and payment methods
  • Promotion of products and destinations
  • Post Covid hygiene Protocols and Safety Considerations

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