Gastronomic Journalism Program

Study Plan

Duration: 03 months

Study material included

We propose the development of the following professional skills:

  • To know the rudiments of journalistic genres
  • To learn the correct writing of a gastronomic chronicle
  • To implement basic knowledge of cooking and consumables
  • To understand and judge the sequence of restaurant table service.
  • To realize about the importance and possibilities mass media offers for the gastronomic journalists.
  • Cooking: the science, the art
  • History and culinary stars
  • The gourmet professional: skills and techniques
  • Culinary narrative: the gastronomic journalist professional profile
  • The savoir vivre style of living
  • Regional gastronomy literature
  • The difference between the art and technique of writing in gastronomy
  • Due diligence and official regulations
  • À la carte or menu: food and beverage sales
  • Au de gamme dining sequence
  • Food and beverage main products: sweet and salty
  • Beverages menu
  • Dinning room and kitchen structures
  • Gastronomic events and elements of surprise
  • Inspiration sources and creative drive
  • Market segmentation
  • Research, writing and styleediting
  • Multimedia
  • Study cases and writing exercises
  • Leadand pseudonym

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