Professional Training in Gastronomic Journalism
by Alejandro Maglione and Luis Lahitte

Online School


Length: 4 months of online study

Course materials are included

The boom in gastronomy is not only expressed by the great amount of courses and degrees related to cooking and pastry-making. Over the last five years, there has been a significant increase in the number of television and radio programmes about this discipline, and the print media and websitesare filled with articles about it.

However, few journalists and communicators are qualified to decode and transmit to the mainstream what happens inside the small universe of gastronomy, since its codes, skills, and language might not be understood by the layman.

The objective of this specialisation is that students:
- Learn about the rudiments of the genre.
- Learn about the rudiments of the genre.
- Acquire a basic knowledge of cooking and products.
- Understand how table service works and be capable of judging it.
- Learn about the present and importance of the different communication media, and the possibilities they offer to gastronomic journalists.

  • History: Ancient Times, Middle Ages, Modern Age, and contemporaneity
  • What is gastronomic journalism?
  • History: Grimod de La Rèyniere, Brillat-Savarin, Curnonsky, GaultMillau Guide, and Michelin Guide
  • Gastronomic journalism
  • Characteristics of gastronomic journalists. What abilities should they have?
  • Sensory appreciation
  • Technical knowledge
  • 'Savoir vivre'
  • Literary ability
  • Critical analysis
  • The product
  • The kitchen
  • The room
  • The service
  • The drinks
  • The customer
  • Cooking techniques
  • Personal style, style of the media, syntax, adjectivization
  • Knowing the reader/user
  • Resources for gastronomic journalists
  • The media
  • Paper or web?
  • Blogs and social networks
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Personal experiences (collection of anecdotes and personal experiences from Alejandro Maglione and Luis Lahitte)
  • Writing workshop

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