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Length: 9 months of online study

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The movement of people who travelled from one place to another for reasons other than holidays gave birth to tourism. In the mid-twentieth century, with the beginning of the congress, convention, fair, etc. fever, tourism flourished, and it is for this sole concept that today millions of people travel around the world.

From 2002, and as a result of the economic changes that have taken place, Argentina ceased to be an outbound tourist country and is gradually heading towards being a receptive country. However, receptive tourism is not the only option. Event tourism is a new alternative

  • Introduction to Tourism: overview, concept, definition. Historical background of tourism around the world and in Argentina.
  • Short analysis of the tourist phenomenon and its impact. Raising awareness.
  • Recognizing provincial, national and international Official Agencies and Non-governmental Organisations.
  • Special events and its impact on the development of tourism in a region.
  • Legal concept of trip.
  • Introduction. Concepts. Background and precursors of the Hospitality Industry.
  • Types of establishments. Classification.
  • Hotel ownership and management methods.
  • Services provided in a hotel: type of hotel rooms. Rates: classification, factors that influence rates, policies for establishing them, food plans.
  • Means of transport: Classification. Special means of transport.
  • What the supply is.
  • Components: Tourism resources. Public and private infrastructure and facilities. Tourism companies. Complementary elements.
  • Important concepts.
  • What the demand is. Real and potential demand.
  • Characteristics: Elasticity – Seasonality – Irrationality – Potentially universal.
  • Introduction. What marketing is. Important concepts.
  • SWOT System. Short explanation.
  • Marketing in the tourism industry. Stages.
  • Phases of a market research.
  • Important concepts.
  • Introduction: Meaning of Tourist Product.
  • Types of products: how they relate to the supply.
  • Introduction: definition of Tourist Services.
  • What Servuction is. Elements involved in servuction.
  • Concept of Event Tourism.
  • Events market. Institutions directly connected: Intermediate associations, tourism groups, Convention Bureau, etc.
  • Importance of the Professional Event Organiser. Characteristics.

* Intellectual Property Registry - Act 11.723
Guarded groundbreaking work: File 137125 - 27.06.01 (Trademarks and patents: Ferreyra y Marcovecchio Law Firm. Capital Federal - Argentina)

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