Professional Training in Event Management

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Length: 9 months of online study

Course materials are included

Following a global trend, our country has experienced a significant increase in the field of Event Management.

For that reason, this training programme provides a high academic quality through a truly unique curriculum (National Intellectual Property Registry, Act 11.723, protected by the National Copyright Registry as a "groundbreaking educational work") that offers theoretical and practical lessons, as well as chat rooms, discussion forums, practical activities and works intended to encourage students’ creativity.

We will make use of the Ceremonial and Protocol to know how to fete our guests, always bearing in mind the rules of behaviour. We will also use the Press and Advertising subject to know the basic secrets of a successful press coverage of our events. And, finally, through the Architecture and Setting subject we will develop our good taste to know how to decorate all kinds of events, from a wedding to a conference.

Our objective is to provide the necessary cognitive tools to train a new generation of professional event organisers, whether they are business, sport, cultural or social events.

Once the training is completed, the graduate will be able to organise any type of event, be it as an independent businessman or as part of the staff of a state or private company.

1st. segment

4 Months

  • Introduction to event organisation: the three basic stages in the organisational process.
  • Creating an event organisation company. Key factors,
  • The importance of using technology in an event organisation company.
  • Selling my event organisation company: action steps.
  • Business events: conferences, debates, forums, launches, work meetings, etc.
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  • Creating business and contact networks.
  • Introducing ourselves and our company to the market
  • Study of the rules for dressing well
  • Study of body language
  • Analysis of the rules of precedence and presidency
  • Table setting and manners.
  • Writing letters to request municipal permits, sponsorships, statements of national/provincial interest, support, etc.
  • Writing opening and welcome speeches.
  • Writing press releases.
  • Study of the different media.
  • Planning advertising campaigns, etc.
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2nd. segment

5 Months

  • Organisation of social events: parties, weddings, receptions, cocktail parties, etc.
  • Organisation of cultural events: vernissages,
  • Organisation of commercial events: congresses, fairs, exhibitions, product launches, etc.

* Intellectual Property Registry - Act 11.723
Guarded groundbreaking work: File 137125 - 27.06.01 (Trademarks and patents: Ferreyra y Marcovecchio Law Firm. Capital Federal - Argentina)

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