Personal Image Program

03 months

Image Consulting is the profession of training people on managing their appearance-clothing, manners, body language and etiquette to create a very positive first impressions.

The curriculum, designed in partnerships with fashion experts, will provide the necessary knowledge to turn students into successful professionals of the above mentioned sector developing their carreer as consultants to advise their clients from how to organise their wardrobe to suggest hair/make up needs for special occasions with the objective of projecting their best personal and professional versions.

Our objective is to equip students with the essential cognitive tools to assist future clients in the type of clothing and colours they should wear, and to design the image to project in their personal and professional lives.

  • The role of the Image Consultant: services he/she can offer. Types of interviews with clients. Analysis of wardrobe
  • Personal shopper
  • Introduction to styling. What is the style? How to define it in each person? How can I turn my client into a stylish person? Style icons from past and current decades. Style vs.Trend
  • Verbal communication. Making a positive impression
  • History of fashion
  • The prinicipal fashion icons
  • Fashion designers of the 20th century. Urban tribes
  • The fashion industry: photographers and fashion models
  • Basic items of clothing. Uses, colours, and materials. Items of clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe. Dress code: appropriate items of clothing, colours, and textures for every occasion and age
  • Colorimetry: the theory of colour. The four seasons theory. What are the colours suit each person?
  • Body figure: vertical and horizontal proportions. Body types. What are the appropriate items of clothing for each body
  • Accessories: must-have handbags and shoes. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets: how to choose and combine them
  • Men: styles that identify men. Body types and appropriate items of clothing for each man
  • Image consulting for pregnant women
  • Image consulting for brides, maids of honour, and best men
  • Dress protocol for special occasions

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