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Nõun Events & Executive Training

Nõun -a Greek word meaning "knowledge"- opened its doors in February 1998 in Santa Fe, Argentina, with the purpose of filling a gap: the lack of companies specialized in the organisation of fairs and exhibitions.

At the same time, and following a global trend, in the last decade our country has experienced a significant increase in the field of event organisation. For this reason, and having detected the need to train real professionals in the above-mentioned sector, in April 2001 we opened the Executive Training Division that provides On-campus Event Management.

Since then, our school has become -in our whole country- an inescapable reference point for both private and state companies when it comes to training their staff, as well as for independent professionals, businessmen and public in general who want to acquire the necessary cognitive tools to produce and organise quality events. .

As a way of meeting the large demand for training received not only from other provinces in our country but from several Spanish-speaking countries, in August 2005, through the platform www.nouneventos.com.ar, the virtual school was opened: therefore, we started providing the On-line Event Management, a proposal thanks to which, in March 2006, we were invited by the A.E.F.O.L (Spanish Association of Online Training) to speak at the "Expo E-learning" in Barcelona, Spain, being the only South American school present in such an important event.

Since August 2010, our network of more than one hundred campuses in Argentina has been joined by the following international cities: México, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica y Chile.

Finally, at the beginning of 2012, in tune with the demand of the international market of events, new and trendy professional training courses were added (click on Online Training), i.e. ONE DAY SEMINARS, workshops devoted to the fashion industry (bloggers, store managers, fashion week producers, etc.) celebrated in the most important shoppings/malls of our continent.

We invite you to read our website in detail and join us on facebook.com/noun.eventos. It is only in this way that you will be able to know more about our professional background and prestige.

You can find us at Pasaje Hermanos de La Salle 3251, Santa Fe - 3000.

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